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  • Release a Gradle Project Using GitLab CI/CD Pipeline

    Release and publish a Gradle project from GitLab CI/CD pipeline to a Maven repository.

  • Exclude log4j to use slf4j with logback in a Gradle project

    Exclude log4j to use slf4j with logback in a Gradle project

    The goal is to remove log4j from all transitive dependencies in a Gradle project and replace it by slf4j and logback.

  • The best code coverage for Scala

    The best code coverage metric for Scala is statement coverage. Simple as that. It suits the typical programming style in Scala best. Scala is a chameleon and it can look like anything you wish, but very often more statements are written on a single line and conditional “if” statements are used rarely. In other words,…

  • Sustainable Automated Testing

    Have you ever had a feeling that aed testing is becoming overhead for the project? That the effort to keep them green seems to be higher than the added value? Then maybe what you do is integration testing and not unit testing. Unit testing over integration testing I had the following discussion last week: “Do you…

  • Reflection Against OOP Principles

    What is so cool about the possibility to access private class members from outside using reflection? Everyone keeps asking you during job interviews what are the basic rules of object oriented programming. This is a mandatory knowledge to pass at least the first round. Encapsulation is one of them. Of course, of course. When you finally get…