Sourdough Rye Bread

This is the baseline recipe for our weekly family bread. It’s pure dark rye wild-yeast rustic bread. Long fermentation, thick hard crust, dense crumb, really sour. I don’t think I’ve ever followed this recipe exactly. The most important ingredient is time and that is always different. Ripley the Mother Starter They say that every wild-yeast […]

Introducing the ReactiveInflux: non-blocking InfluxDB driver for Scala and Java supporting Apache Spark

The first release of ReactiveInflux developed at Pygmalios – a non-blocking driver for both Scala and Java featuring immutability, testability and extensibility. Comming with a support for Apache Spark it is the weapon of choice.

Fighting NotSerializableException in Apache Spark

Using Spark context in a class contructor can cause serialization issues. Move the logic and variables to a member method to avoid some of these problems.

Exclude log4j to use slf4j with logback in a Gradle project

The goal is to remove log4j from all transitive dependencies in a Gradle project and replace it by slf4j and logback.

Remote Monitoring of Apache Cassandra running in Docker via JMX using Datadog

Step-by-step guide on how to remotely monitor Apache Cassandra in Docker container via JMX using cloud monitoring service Datadog.

Integration testing with Gradle

Unit testing works automatically using Gradle, but if you would like to have a separate set of integration tests you need to do a small exercise. Actually they don’t have to be integration tests at all. This guide shows you how to configure Gradle to use any kind of tests and run them independently from […]

Build and release Scala/Java Gradle project in GitLab using Jenkins to Artifactory

I am going to show in detail how to regularly build your project and then how to make a release build. It involves cooperation of a number of tools which I found tricky to set up properly, that’s why I wrote this. The goal I am about to show you how to achieve two following […]

Publish JAR artifact using Gradle to Artifactory

So I have wasted (invested) a day or two just to find out how to publish a JAR using Gradle to a locally running Artifactory server. I used Gradle Artifactory plugin to do the publishing. I was lost in endless loop of including various versions of various plugins and executing all sorts of tasks. Yes, […]

Scala for-comprehension with concurrently running futures

Can you tell what’s the difference between the following two? If yes, then you’re great and you don’t need to read further. Version 1: val milkFuture = future { getMilk() } val flourFuture = future { getFlour() } for { milk

Init.d shell script for Play framework distributed applications

I wrote a shell script to control Play framework applications packaged using built-in command dist. Applications packaged this way are zipped standalone distributions without any need to have Play framework installed on the machine that it’s supposed to run on. Everything needed is inside the package. Inside the zip, in the bin directory, there is […]